• Understand Hip Anatomy For Better Hip Flexibility
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    Here are videos of movements that you can try while visualizing the anatomy of your hip.

    Squat Pull

    High Lunge

    Mobility Exercise for Low Back & Hip Tightness

    Mobility Exercise for Hip & Shoulder Tightness

    Conventional stretching to get better flexibility and mobility in your hip shouldn’t be boring or a dreaded task that you have to do.

    The aim of these mobility exercises and this short anatomy lesson is to help you be more interested and engaged in doing something that’s going to be beneficial for the long-term health of your joints, mind, & body.

    Yes, doing these hip movements involve you thinking about how your are moving, but the payoff is huge.

    One of the most common problems I encounter with my clients is that they become disconnected from their bodies.  With the information in this video, you can get a better picture of what’s happening on the inside so you can get better connected to your body. You’ll also have a more positive impact while doing your flexibility & mobility work because now you can have a clearer and a more directed intention and a stronger sense of wonder & appreciation for your body.




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