• Combined Movement for Better Posture
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    Watch first video here:  How to Correct Hunchback Posture

    Watch second video here:  Better Posture, Better Posterior

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    Level of challenge:

    • Medium


    • More efficiently address upper and lower body at the same time
    • Challenge your coordination
    • Feel like you can conquer the world!


    • Stand with feet hip-width apart



    • Add a “hip hinge” at the end of the combined movement
      • Significantly increase contraction of the line of muscles on the back side of the body to help stimulate a more upright posture
    • Bend the elbows during the “Fly” movement and squeeze them down and back (also add hip hinge)
      • Contracts the latissimus dorsi muscles more
    • Place straight arms in a “Y” position during the “Fly” movement and depress & squeeze shoulder blades together (also add hip hinge)
      • Emphasizes contraction of the lower trapezius muscles which tend to be weak

    Recommended use:

    • 5 reps of each variation for every hour of sitting
      • 5 reps of combined movement with a hip hinge
      • 5 reps with bent elbows and hip hinge
      • 5 reps in “Y” position and hip hinge

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