• Knee Drops from Squat
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    Internal rotation of the hip joint is the a motion that is lost in premature degenerative hips.  The aim of this movement is to help prevent that.

    WARNING: This movement creates torque on the knees and hips which is a benefit if you have healthy joints.  Do not perform this if you have any issues with your hip or knee joints.  Proceed with caution.

    Level of challenge: Moderate


    • Improve your ability to squat more comfortably
    • Gain more internal rotation of yours hips (extending hips when both knees are on the ground)
      • Aids in keeping your hips joints happy &  healthy


    • Sit in a squat position


    • 1) Drop your left knee down in front of you & push your hips forward
      • Return to squatting position
      • Repeat for right knee
    • 2) Drop your left knee down in front of you and then your right knee
      • Push hips forward
      • Return left knee and then right knee to get back into squatting position
      • Repeat by dropping right knee then left knee & return right knee then left knee back into squatting position

    Recommended use:

    • 5 repetitions on each side


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