• Gentle Exercise for Low Back & Hip Tightness
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    Level of challenge:

    • Easy


    • Helps to calm down tightness in the hip flexor muscles
    • Stimulates strength and circulation to hip extensor muscles


    • Standing
      • Stand with feet hip-width apart
    • Laying on ground
      • Lay on your back with knees bent


    • Standing
      • Slowly shift all your weight to your right leg and keep your balance (use support if necessary)
      • Lift the left knee up towards your chest using your hip flexor muscles
      • Think of making your right leg long into the ground and let that “tallness” push through to the top of your head to keep your spine erect (avoid rounding your back and tilting your body to the side)
      • Continue using your muscles to lift your left knee as high as comfortable and use your hands to gently assist
      • Hold this position for 5 seconds
      • Return your left leg back to the ground with control
      • Repeat on other side
    • Laying on ground
      • Press your right foot into the ground to lift your hips up
      • Use your hip flexor muscles to bring your knee to your chest and gently assist slightly with your hands
      • Keeping your shoulders, hips, & fee aligned, continue lifting your hips off the ground as high as comfortable
      • Relax your head and maintain your breathing
      • Return your hips and left knee back to the ground with control
      • Repeat on other side

    Recommended use:

    •  10 repetitions on each side

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