• Movement Challenge – Crawl to Crab Position
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    Record a video of you doing the Movement Challenge and post to the VitaMoves Facebook page.

    The first person to successfully complete this according to the two guidelines will receive a limited edition VitaMoves t-shirt like the one I’m wearing in this video (your choice of red or blue).

    Now get movin’, Y’all!

    Level of challenge:

    • Moderate


    • Challenges your level of concentration, coordination, & agility


    • Get into a crawling position
    • Move into a crab position
    • Guidelines
      • Keep body parallel to ground at both crawl & crab positions
      • Start and end in the same place after alternating through crawl to crab then crawl to crab positions

    Recommended use:

    •  As many as it takes to do 5 consecutive revolutions starting and ending in the same place

Your thoughts?

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