• Martial Arts Mobility Movement – Knife Hand Exercise
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    Level of challenge:

    • Medium


    • Encourages better posture (standing in horse stance with fists high and back on rib cage)
    • Mobilizes the whole spine – low back, thoracic joints, &  neck areas
    • Helps with shoulder mobility
    • Builds stability in trunk, hips, legs, & feet
    • Works on whole body coordination
    • Helps you feel like a bad-ass


    • Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width
    • Imagine that you’re riding a horse and you don’t want to fall off
      • The muscles on the inside of your thighs (adductors) should contract
      • Your feet should feel like their firmly planted onto the ground
    • Place fists as far back and as high on the sides of your rib cage
    • Knife hand – squeeze straight fingers and thumb together while simultaneously bending the last joints of your fingers


    • While in horse stance, reach your left fist in front of you and reach your right knife hand behind you elevated about 30 degrees
    • As best as you can, try to align your arms in a straight line
    • As you throw your knife hand forward towards the same level of your neck
    • While doing so, pull your left fist back towards the side of your ribs (back and high)
    • Repeat on other side.

    Recommended use:

    • Perform at least 10 slow throws on each side
    • Then do 5 faster throws on each side

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