• Better Posture, Better Posterior
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    Watch the previous video:  How to Correct Hunchback Posture

    Level of challenge:

    • Easy


    • Flat & weak gluteus muscles from sitting or lack of activity are brought back to life!
    • Helps build stronger arch supports in your own feet (maybe it’ll be time to throw those orthotics out!)
    • Stand taller and feel like a BOSS!


    • Stand with feet hip-width apart
    • Place hands just above knees


    • Bring knees together
    • Squeeze knees against each other and hold for 5 seconds (to release tight adductor muscles)
    • As you slowly come back to standing, press feet into the ground and simultaneously start rotating your thigh bones outward
    • Accentuate the cupping of your feet
    • Accentuate the contraction of your glutes
    • Think of standing tall (don’t arch your spine) and maintain the above contractions firmly for at least 5 seconds

    Recommended use:

    • Do at least 5 for every 20 minutes of sitting
    • Work up to doing 1-3 sets of 30 every day

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