With some guidelines, we can aim to achieve the following:

    • Increase range of motion
    • Encourage structural balance
    • Promote blood & lymph circulation
    • Stimulate production of synovial fluid (joint oil)
    • Improve health of soft tissues & bones
    • Recover from injury
    • Build resilience to injury & chronic dysfunction
    • Enhance athletic performance
    • Build extensibility & integrity of fascia
    • Create more ability for soft tissues, nerves, & blood vessels to slide
    • Develop better body control & higher awareness
    • Challenge your ability to move in new ways
    • Creatively express yourself through movement
    • Explore possibilities


Ways to Use VitaMoves

    • Prepare for the day
    • Supplement your movement/ exercise practice
    • Mobility improvement
    • Warm up or cool down for workouts
    • Recovery work
    • Movement meditation
    • Anytime fun
    • End your day