What is VitaMoves?

VitaMoves is a daily practice of simple movements & actions to make a positive impact on the quality of our lives.


This website came to fruition from the requests of clients & friends that wanted a way to remember the information and movements we created together to help resolve pain and improve function & performance of their bodies.  Some clients & friends also wanted a way to share the information with others.

VitaMoves evolved from the exploration of massage & bodywork, fitness training, and martial arts.  The refinement of these practices brought on questions such as what is this body made of?  How do things work on the inside?  How can we maximize the function of our bodies and minds to express our higher capabilities?

How can we take what we know, apply it in a simple way yet make a positive & valuable impact?

VitaMoves was created & driven by the desire to help make moves toward exploring our higher potential.

About Angelo

Angelo dela Cruz loves doing advanced bodywork & personal training at FIT in Los Altos, California.  Through this work and a specialized health advancement program, he partners with people to promote lifelong vitality and a highly enjoyable life.